All assignments are to be typed,
follow MLA format

Engage in Class Discussions:
Attendance and class participation: 
25% of your grade.

·      Each student will engage in class discussions, communicate ideas, demonstrate course preparation.

·      Bring to class Each week a  one page (150- 200 words)  response to the study questions/written summary/notes  based on that week's readings, and at least 1 question for  class discussion.

IIRespond to short assignments: 25% of your grade
      Demonstrate an introductory understanding of issues/ideas of the course material through Short assignments of no more than two pages each. (Check class website for prompts and dates.)

III. Final Paper This will be 25 % of your grade
Write using an inquiring approach to course content through the use of critical thinking and evidence based reasoning.
 Students will select and research one Hindu, Buddhist or Jain sacred or secular art, (Painting, sculpture, or architectural form) and compare and contrast it with one Islamic/Colonial / Post-colonial, Modern or contemporary art, piece in terms of its history, form, functionality and social and cultural value. Follow these guidelines.
Due April 14th

IV.  Creative Project: This will be 25% of your grade
DO NOT Wait Till The End For This Project,
(See Me early on with your ideas on this assignment well before Spring break.)

 A presentation  where the student highlights an artworks’ relevance to the student’s own métier practice.

Based on the “Aesthetic theory of Navrasa or the concept of “
Advaita/ Non Dual” students will develop a creative project, using any media, around the theme, “how has the art of India inspired my own art making.”  Students will present their projects  during the last two weeks of the class. 


You will receive a final grade upon the completion of all of the above. 

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