Chandra C. Khan


March 17h. 2021

Study Questions

What are some of the key elements of Mughal Architecture?

2.     How did the Mughal rulers make clear political statements through “Power architecture?

3.     What is the importance of Arabesque, geometry and calligraphy in Islamic art and architecture?

4.     What is the purpose of symmetry, rhythm and balance in Islamic architecture and why is it emphasized and is fundamental to the harmonious design and structure of Islamic architecture?

Please Watch,


March 10th. 2021

Study Questions

1.   What is the relationship between the sacred and sensuous in Hindu art in India?

2.   How does the concept of “Advaita/nondual help in understanding the Sacred and the Sensual in Hindu art?


3.   What is the Symbolism and purpose of a Hindu Temple?


  1. Based on your readings, what do you think of the “erotic” sculpture on the outside walls of the Khajuraho Temples?


March 3rd. 2021

Study Question

1.    What are the four goals of life according to Hinduism and how is it reflected in the Hindu artistic production?

2.    Can You recognize and differentiate some of the Hindu gods  and goddesses?

3.    Hinduism is considered polytheistic but it has also affirmed the oneness/Advaita  of divine.  How do you explain this aspect of Hindu religion and culture as reflected in the production of art? Please bring an art piece to support your response class discussion.


4.    Please Watch this video on Carl Sagan and the cosmic theory.


February 24th, 2021

1.    What is meant by aniconic art?

2.    What are some of the “symbols” used to convey the presence of Buddha?

3.    Why was it difficult to represent Buddha in human/anthropomorphic form?

4.    What monuments were associated with early Buddhists practice.

5.    Why was the aniconic/symbolic representation of Buddha's presence abandoned in favor of embodiment?

February 17th, 2021


Please complete the readings due for Feb. 10th and bring your responses to the Questions for class discussion.

  1. What is sacred Art and how does it differ from secular art? Please bring a piece of art that you consider as sacred art, to class?
  2. What according to Frithjof Schuon is sacred art and what is its purpose/goal?
  3. What is the Indian Aesthetic theory of Rasa?
  4. What are Navrasas/or nine Rasas?


FEBRUARY 3rd. 2021


Please read the two articles and bring a short summary of the questions for class discussion.



1.   Vidya Dehejia, South Asian Art and Culture

2.   Philosophy of Indian and Art


1.  What is the Indian Philosophy of Art and what does it mean to you as an artist?

2.  South Asia is a very ancient and diverse civilization, what are some of its main cultural/religious periods in its vast history of Art, as seen in the Video and stated in the reading by Vidhya Dehejia.


January 27th. 2021



Navigate the website, make yourself familiar with the contents
Read the assigned readings on line for the day, and come to class with lots of questions.


Please check the website, Go to Art and Culture of South Asia
 read about India the land and its people and come prepared to discuss your

idea of India

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