Plagiarism and Consequences
Critical Studies endeavors to teach students the essential skills and basic ethics involved in any academic enquiry.. To this end, we are committed to observing the policy on plagiarism set out in the CalArts Course Catalog. This stipulates that plagiarism is the use of ideas and/or quotations (from the internet, books, films, television, newspapers, articles, the work of other students, works of art, media, etc.) without proper credit to the author/artist. Critical Studies holds to the view that plagiarism constitutes intellectual theft and is a serious breach of acceptable conduct.It is also the policy of CalArts that students who misrepresent source material as their own original work and fail to credit it have committed plagiarism and are subject to disciplinary action. In the case of Critical Studies, any student caught plagiarizing will immediately be given a ‘no credit’ for that class. The student will not be allowed to re-write the paper, and if there is further evidence of plagiarism, Critical Studies will recommend more severe disciplinary action, including suspension or dismissal.

If you have any questions regarding plagiarism or want direction on how to credit source material, ask the member of faculty and refer to reference guides on permanent reserve in the CalArts library. The CalArts reference librarians may be able to offer additional information as well.

Absences and Consequences
Critical Studies also needs to ensure active and regular student attendance and participation in our courses.Please be punctual It is a courtesy to let your instructor know about an unavoidable absence ahead of time, if at all possible. If a student misses more than 3 sessions of class and does not pursue the withdrawal option, a NC will be given and will appear on external records.

NX (insufficient attendance) grades will no longer be used
Withdrawal Period will be extended until the 10th week of the semester

NC grades must appear on external records to ensure accurate reporting to peer institutions and for financial aid reporting.  While CalArts does not use a Grade Point Average (GPA) as part of its marking system, the following formula will be used for external purposes: HP =4.00, P=3.00, LP=2.00, NC=0.00.
The longer withdrawal period (through the 10th week of the semester)
will provide an option for students to exit a course without receiving a failing grade.  To drop a course during the extended withdrawal period, a student will obtain the Course Withdrawal form from the Registrar’s Office, consult with his or her mentor, obtain the course instructor’s signature verifying the last date of attendance, and return the form to the Registrar’s Office.  The course will remain on the student's record with a "W" grade, but the grade of "W" will have no effect on the grade point average. 

Grading Policy and Change of Grade
CalArts does not grade on the A-F scale.  We grade using:
High Pass (HP): Passing with Excellence
Pass (P): Passing with Quality
Low Pass (LP): Passing
Incomplete (I): Temporary evaluation. Through agreement between student and instructor, Incompletes must be made up during the following semester. 
In the interests of operating an equitable grading system, Critical Studies stringently enforces CalArts’ change of grade policy.  Students have one semester upon receiving an “Incomplete” grade to make up any missing coursework and/or projects.  If this work has not been completed by the end of the semester, the Incomplete converts automatically to a “No Credit”.  After that time, changes require the approval of Deans Council.  Deans Council will approve such grade changes only in the case of extreme, extenuating circumstances or in cases of administrative/faculty error

Services for Students with Disabilities
CalArts will provide reasonable accommodations to students with disabilities who have registered with the Student Affairs office.† Registration with the Office of Student Affairs is on a voluntary, self-identifying basis. Services are available only after a student has presented certified, current documentation of the disability from an appropriate medical or educational specialist, and this documentation has been reviewed and accepted as complete. Please go to†for extensive information on services for students with disabilities.

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